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Our system of e-news marketing is designed for campaigns of marketing with tools such as banners and text in local and regional Newspapers, Magazines, Search Engine and Directories 100% digital. We have strategically on following newspapers, local magazines and Search Engines or finders and directories:

  • : Search Engine and local regional Directory, with secure search and more than 100,000.00 customers trusted in our marketing systems.

  • : Magazine 100% digital, of local interest with related subjects of the present time, beauty, health, education, cooks, and many channels of great general interest.

  • : Newspaper local and Regional 100% digital, with daily update of the facts that mark importance in the Latin community and the World.
Advantages of the Service E-news :
  • Greater advertising local reach
  • Clients 100% premises
  • Daily update of banners or texts
  • Generation from traffic to your local site
  • Links related to your products and services
  • Local positioning of your business, products and services

Banner Example Interval Time
Banner 125x125
Interval Price add Cart
12 Months $900.00
1 Month $75.00
Banner 120x90
Interval Price add Cart
12 Months $600.00
1 Month $50.00
Banner 120x240
Interval Price add Cart
12 Months $1,200.00
1 Month $100.00
Banner 468x60
Interval Price add Cart
12 Months $4,560.00
1 Month $380.00
Front Banner Ads
Interval Price add Cart
 1  2

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